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Training in Mental Health, Emotional Well Being and Gaming Addiction

We passionately believe that schools provide the best opportunity to improve the overall mental health of children and young people.  We understand the pressures teachers and management are under and we also understand that mental health issues impact the classroom every day.  Knowing how to improve the mental health of staff and children will benefit the whole school and involving parents is a crucial element of the training.

Our training sessions are specifically designed for schools, both primary ad secondary.  We provide training to three different audiences; Parents, Teachers and Students, the trainings session will be tailored to the audience.   

Both Karen and Cindy have worked in schools and Karen is a qualified and experienced teacher and understands the complexities of teaching and looking after children with mental health challenges.

Our delivery style is interactive and fun and will be tailored to your needs.

We aim to cover;

  • What is mental health

  • How do we look after mental health

  • How to identify mental health problems

  • Understanding the most common symptoms of mental health problems, self harming, eating Issues, sleeping issues, low self esteem, suicidal thoughts, depression, social withdrawal, anxiety and panic attacks.

  • How to help someone access support or to help them manage their mental health better.

  • What is gaming addiction and how to tackle this.

We are both professional experienced counsellors working in both primary and secondary schools and will share our professional experience to help teachers and parents alike.

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