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Counselling for Children

How Can Counselling Help?

Expressing feelings can be very difficult for children, they don't always have the words, but they do communicate using play and creative tools.   Counselling offers children a space which is theirs to express themselves.  Children often find it easier to express their feelings with adults outside their family or friends, children often try to protect the ones they love from being upset but are able to open up within a counselling relationship.

Why Might a Child Benefit from Counselling?

Counselling offer a unique space for children to express themselves.  There are many reasons why a child may come to counselling but some of them are;

Anger and aggression.

Persistent sadness/crying

Fear of something which is affecting their day to day life

Anxiety or sense of being overwhelmed

Eating issues

Family break up

Loss and bereavement

Issues with school




Addiction (gaming)

Sometimes children express feelings through negative behaviours which might be causing concern, it may be worth remembering that behaviour is often a symptom of how a child is experiencing the world, for example anger expressed at other children could be one child's way of dealing with their sadness.  

Our Approach: 

Karen and Cindy are professional counsellors trained to work with children and young people.

We work with each child through their choice of play and creative tools, it doesn't feel like a therapy session but children will be able to express and explore their feelings, helping them to gain better mental health.  

1. Initial meeting with parent/s and child 20 mins, followed by a 30 minute session-based assessment with your child.

2. 5 further sessions, followed by a telephone consultation with the parent. 

3. A further sessions, if required, are agreed. 

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