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Counselling for Young People (12-25 years)

To young people

If you are a young person reading this we understand that the decision to see a counsellor may seem a difficult one, it may be that you feel you will not benefit even though those around you are suggesting it will.  Perhaps you feel you will benefit from counselling but you feel anxious about what counselling may be like?

Counselling is a unique relationship in which you will be free to express yourself, maybe by talking or maybe using art, writing, music, its up to you.  The relationship is one built on trust and if you decide it isn't right for you our counsellors will respect that.  If you are struggling and are wondering what counselling is like it may be reassuring to know it is confidential and you have a choice about whether to engage in counselling or not.  Your counsellor is there to understand the world as you are experiencing it, no judgements and no agenda for change.  Our counsellors offer a safe, welcoming and empathic space for you to express your feelings.  If you would like to meet a counsellor and see how you feel that is a good idea.  If you are referring yourself and are unable to pay for counselling please call to discuss your situation.

To Parents

Young People often find it difficult to be open and honest with their parents but we understand that you may be worried about them and looking for someone they can talk to.  Our counsellors are specially trained to work with young people and will provide a safe, confidential and non judgemental space for your child to express their feelings and better understand their experiences.  Counselling can greatly improve mental health and self esteem, as well as help young people through difficult times in their lives.

What can counselling help with?


Self harm


Family break up


Fear and anger

Depression, sense of loneliness



Gender questioning

This is not an exhaustive list and often it isn't possible to explain exactly what is happening for a young person, counselling may enable them to better understand their distress.

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