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Adult Counselling &
Parent Counselling

Talking to someone can help with so many of life's difficulties. 

Please don't feel lone.  If you are struggling counselling can help you.  You can speak honestly and openly about the struggles you face, you will be listened to, understood and cared for.   The first step to recovery is to ask for help.   There is no exhaustive list of why you may need to talk but people often seek counselling for the following; 

Dealing with family difficulties, coping with parenting.

Depression (including post natal)



Birth trauma

Loss and bereavement



Childhood trauma

Feelings of anger 


Gender and Sexuality

How Counselling Works 

You and your counsellor will build a trusting relationship in which you can explore what is happening in your life and understand what may be preventing you from fulfilling your potential or feeling yourself.  Counselling will help you understand and be more accepting of yourself and make the changes in your life which you feel will lead you more greater fulfilment.

Counselling for Parents

If you are struggling with a child and feel helpless and alone our therapy service can help you better understand your child, get support and understand your own feelings.  When a child is struggling it is so hard to cope with but there is help which can make a big difference to how you feel and how you will approach your family life. 

Our counsellors

Our counsellors work in a person centred way, building a trusting relationship in which you can process your experiences and be supported on your path to feeling better.  All counsellors hold Advanced Diplomas in counselling, are experienced and registered with the BACP (the largest professional body for therapy in the UK).   All counsellors offer a confidential service which is explained and agreed at your first session.

How long would I need to come to counselling? 

An initial session will take place in which you can decide if you feel the counsellor is the right person for you to talk to.  It is so important that you feel you can trust your counsellor so do not feel any obligation to book a following session, we want you to find the right counsellor.  

If you do meet the right counsellor for you they will normally book following sessions on a two weekly basis.  Depending on your need it may be that you have only a few sessions with a counsellor and feel that is enough but most people attend for at least 8 sessions and some on an ongoing basis.


What is the price?

Each session is priced at £40.  

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